Is Whiteflash Really The “Lord of the Online Rings”

diamondsThe diamond industry is worth billions of dollars, and thousands of companies have dug their way into this industry, claiming their part in this goldmine of an industry. The more brands out there, the more options are becoming available to customers throughout the entire world. At the same time, however, the increase in the number of choices presented to individuals looking to buy diamond jewelry makes things very difficult. Each of these brands that are claiming they part of the diamond industry is promising interested individuals that they are the best at sourcing top-quality diamonds, and providing above-average products and services. When thousands of companies are making the same promises, customers are left with a difficult choice to choose one, in particular, they wish to put their trust in.

Whiteflash is a brand that claims to be hailed as the “Lord of the Online Rings.” This is quite a big claim to make – according to this claim, Whiteflash is telling their customers that individuals buying diamonds online consider them to be the best option. In this post, we want to explore this claim, by looking at what previous customers have to say about Whiteflash, and by considering what this brand offers their customers.

The Whiteflash Difference – Is It Worth It?

Kiplinger’s Magazine has recently awarded Whiteflash the “Lord of the Online Rings” nomination, which this brand is particularly proud of – in fact, this is one of the first things you will see when you visit their website. The big question now is whether or not Whiteflash truly deserved this award. Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to compare a brand like Whiteflash to competitors – many of today’s online diamond retailers tend to offer very similar products and services, as well as similar added benefits. Thus, it is hard to point one brand out as being the best. Still, with the award provided by Kipldiamond ringinger’s Magazine, there surely must be something that sets Whiteflash apart.

After taking a look at customer reviews for this brand, we noticed that most reviews are toward a positive view. Customers are very happy with the diamonds and the diamond jewelry they bought from Whiteflash. Additionally, customers are happy with the delivery period and shipping rates and had a good experience while dealing with Whiteflash.

When we look at what Whiteflash offers, we see that they have a variety of ways for customers to shop. A customer can choose to buy a loose diamond, or they can opt for jewelry that has been designed by a top-rated jewelry designer. The majority of products offered by Whiteflash seems to be engagement rings, with a primary focus on halo and solitaire type settings.

When looking for loose diamonds, Whiteflash offers only diamonds that have been certified by either of America’s top institutes – either the GIA or the AGS. Additionally, all diamonds listed on the Whiteflash website are in-stock and can be shipped as soon as the customer makes payment. Whiteflash features a high-definition for each of the diamonds they have listed, giving the customer an opportunity to observe the quality of the diamond they are interested in before making a purchase.


Whiteflash claims to be the preferred choice amongst online jewelry retailers and provides customers with a variety of jewelry to choose from. The brand has a number of positive reviews behind them, claiming that their products are of high-quality and that their customer service is of excellent standards. In this post, we have taken a closer look at the brand, what they offer, what clients say about them, and what might make them stand out when compared to other online diamond retailers.