Thinking About A White Sapphire Ring?

If you plan to buy your significant other an engagement ring in the near future, and you’ve decided that you want to get them something different, you really might want to consider choosing a white sapphire engagement ring.

White sapphire is definitely an interesting option for a wide variety of reasons. We will tell you some of the biggest benefits of choosing this particular type of gemstone for your engagement ring and hopefully you’ll see the value in this significant purchase option.

Choose White Sapphire Engagement Rings Because They Are More Affordable

If you’re looking to save money on your engagement ring because diamonds are just way too expensive, you’re definitely going to appreciate white sapphire gemstones because they are the much more affordable option.

White Sapphire Engagement Ring Photo

And as far as other sapphires are concerned, a white sapphire solitaire engagement ring is actually the less expensive option out of your potential choices as well. They cost less than blue sapphires, pink sapphires, and yellow sapphires.

Although this doesn’t usually equate in most cases, believe it or not the white sapphires are actually rarer among the various colors. But the strange thing is that even though this is a rarer choice, it really isn’t the most in demand out of all of the potential sapphire options.

As a matter of fact, blue sapphires are much more in demand than white sapphires stones. But that shouldn’t take anything away from them because they are truly a beautiful gemstone and white gold sapphires are the perfect option for engagement rings, especially when buying a chocolate diamond or other colored sapphires are just too expensive.

Experience the Durability of White Sapphire

Next, we want you to seriously consider going with white sapphires for your engagement ring because they are incredibly durable.

The Durability Of Sapphires VS Diamond

Well, it matters a great deal because you do not want your beautiful new engagement ring breaking apart seemingly out of nowhere. You want an option that is going to withstand any potential beating that you might accidentally or intentionally put your sapphire under.

And by this we mean that this mineral is very hard so it’s quite resistant to scratches. And this is a good thing because accidents happen all the time, and it could be very easy to scratch the surface of other gemstones, but you’re not going to accidentally scratch the surface of your white sapphire engagement ring. It’s just too strong and durable and made of powerful minerals that do not scratch easily.

Choose Various Colour, Shapes, and Sizes for Your Engagement Ring

Last but certainly not least, we want you to know that these white sapphire engagement rings are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, so you’ll never have to compromise by picking a shape that you don’t like.

So if you have a particular ring setting that you want to choose for your engagement ring, you should absolutely go for it because there will definitely be a phenomenal white sapphire to match.


As you can tell, white sapphire engagement rings are definitely a great choice, so consider them as the perfect option if you’re getting engaged real soon.

Where to buy white sapphire engagement rings?  Our preferred vendor is reviewed here.