What Ring Size Is 2 Inches?

ring 2inches

Quite a lot of people have made the mistake of buying a ring without first obtaining an accurate measurement to determine their appropriate ring size. For men looking to propose to a loved one, this is especially a problematic area as they could be buying a ring as a surprise; thus asking their loved one about their ring size would not be appropriate as this could give away the surprise of the proposal. Still, not knowing the ring size of a person when buying a ring would most likely lead to a ring that does not fit on the wearer’s finger.

How To Determine Ring Size At Home

Determining a person’s ring size right at home is possible and quite easy. There is no need to purchase any type of ring size measurement tool to help you determine the ring size of your own fingers or another person’s finger. To do this, all that you will ringneed is a ruler and a piece of plane paper. Start by cutting the piece of paper into a relatively small strip. The strip will be placed around the finger, so make sure it is not too small, but also not too thick.

When the strip of paper is placed around the finger for which a ring size needs to be determined, a marker should be used to mark the spot where the paper comes together and joins up. The paper should then be opened up and the ruler should be used to measure the circumference of the finger through the mark on the paper.

Once the circumference of the finger has been determined using the technique we have discussed above, the size should be matched to a sizing chart to determine the ring size that should be ordered.

Two inches is a relatively common measurement that people often have difficulty with, since it does not perfectly fit into a particular ring size. When a finger’s circumference comes down to two inches, then it is commonly parted with the 2.01-inch measurement, which converts to a 5¾ ring size in the United States. Some people also prefer to go slightly upward to the 2.02-inch measurement, which converts to a 5 7/8 United States ring size.


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