The Ultimate Buying Guide For Loose Diamonds

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There are two primary reasons why someone would buy loose diamonds. One person might buy diamonds loose as a collector and keep them in a safe – it could either be for show, simply for collecting or considered an investment that would later be used to buy a house, an expensive car or something of significant value. Another person would buy loose diamonds to fit them into a piece of jewelry, such as to make an engagement ring. Whatever your reason, before you make a final decision and place an order for loose diamonds, there is some essential factors that you need to educate yourself on to help you make a better, more informed decision.

The Reason For Buying Diamonds Loose

As we have already discussed, there are two primary reasons why you might want to buy diamonds loose. It could be for a piece of jewelry or for collection purposes. A lot of collectors often spend thousands of dollars on a diamond loose stones, especially if they are able to collect a very rare diamond, as it would later pay off – or it would give them something to show off. People who buy diamonds to fit into jewelry often opt for cheaper options as this is a great way of saving money – plus making an engagement ring yourself would give you the opportunity to offer your loved one a gift that is more personal than a store-bought engagement ring would be. You should start the process by determining the purpose of the loose diamonds as you may not be looking for the same type of diamonds if you are buying them to fit into a piece of jewelry than you would if you simply want to collect new diamonds.

Budget Versus Quality

diamond looseWhen you have decided the purpose of the loose diamonds, the next step should be to determine whether budget or quality is the most important aspect of your journey. If budget rules over quality, then you should educate yourself about ways in which you can save money, yet still buy a diamond that looks good and perfect to the naked eye. If quality wins over budget, however, then you can opt for higher quality diamond stone, such as the ones with flawless clarity and a colorless color grading. This step is very important as it will give you a basic idea of what to look for when you start your journey to finding the perfect loose diamonds to buy.

What Is The Best Diamond Certification

Apart from quality and budget diamond engagement rings, as well as the diamond’s purpose, you should also consider your preferred gemological laboratory that you trust when it comes to grading a diamond’s quality and value. There have been many reports of some laboratories over grading a diamond; thus causing the jeweler to charge too much for a diamond. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) are two popular choices – the GIA is stricter when it comes to grading the quality of the diamond though, so it could be the better choice between the two in most scenarios. When you have decided on a preferred gemological laboratory, you should look for a jeweler that sells loose diamonds and provides certificates that are issued by the particular laboratory of your choice.


Black, blue and colorless Loose diamonds can be an excellent way to invest your money, but it is also a great way to build your own engagement ring to offer the woman in your life a more personalized gift when you pop the question. The process of buying diamonds loose should not be taken lightly and the elements we have discussed in this post should always be taken to heart when you look for loose diamonds – whatever their purpose may be.





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