Things To Consider Before You Buy A Diamond

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A diamond is a valuable investment that can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re not careful, a jeweler can easily get you to pay them much more than a diamond is actually worth; thus resulting in a waste of money (a lot of money!). For this reason, it is very important that you are as educated as possible when you set out to buy a diamond – whether its loose or fitted in a piece of jewelry. In this quick guide, we’d like to give you some essential information that you should know and take into consideration if you want to buy a diamond – they will not only help you find a beautiful diamond that will surely bring about precious memories, but also ensure you pay only what the price that the diamond is really worth.

The Diamond Engagement Ring Style Preference

Before you set out to buy a diamond or consider any aspects that should be taken into account during the process, you will first need to decide on what exactly you want to buy. Do you plan on buying the diamonds loose, or would you like to buy a specific piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one? Maybe you’d like to buy an engagement ring or wedding ring so that you can finally pop the question? Once you have decided what you want to buy rings online with diamond, you need to decide how it should look. If you are buying a diamond ring for yourself, then it will be much easier. If you are buying the diamond stone ring or jewelry for someone else, then the task would be somewhat harder – especially if it is a surprise. You’ll have to do some clever spy work to find out what the person likes and what type of jewelry they wear.

The 4 c’s Of Diamonds

After you have determined what you want to buy (loose diamonds or jewelry equipped with diamonds), you will need to consider some essential factors that will play a part in how much the diamond will cost – and how it will look. If you are on a very tight budget, then you should try to opt for lower quality option. In some cases, however, you would be able to compromise by opting for a lower quality option in one category, which would not affect the visual appearance of the diamond, to gain the upper hand in another category, which could affect the diamond’s visual appearance if a lower quality option was opted for.

The 4 Cs of a diamond, which is a general grading system used by professional appraisers, include the following elements:


  • Carat – this would be a factor that has a very big impact on the diamond’s price. You should decide the carat weight of the diamond you would like to buy while you are determining the budget. Even a slight 0.1 carat diamond increase in carat weight could add thousands of dollars to the diamond jewelry price.
  • Color – this option plays a part in the visual appearance and price. There are 23 different color grades, ranging from completely colorless to light yellow.
  • Clarity – this option tells you whether or not the diamond has cavities and imperfections that can be seen to the naked eye. A diamond that is completely flawless is highly priced, but some of the lower grade options still look perfectly flawless without actually putting the diamond under magnification.
  • Cut – the last option in the “4 Cs” is the diamond’s cut quality. This option can range from excellent to poor, with excellent presenting diamonds with a perfect cut.


Even though buying a diamond can be quite exciting, the process is also rather overwhelming – especially if you are not an expert in the field of diamonds. There are quite a number of factors that are taken into consideration when a diamond is valued, and not knowing about these factors could lead to spending more money than what is necessary by buying a diamond that is not only over budget, but also not exactly the best option for you.




Things To Consider Before You Buy A Diamond
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