Rule #1: Don’t Purchase The Wrong Size Ring!

If you plan on buying an engagement ring for your significant other, or wedding bands for your upcoming marriage, it’s important to get your ring size right so that the wedding or engagement ring will fit correctly.

By knowing your size or the size of your partner, you’ll find it much easier to buy the perfect ring. And if you do not want to go to a traditional store in your local area because you’re trying to save money, knowing the right ring size ahead of time is going to make it very easy to buy a ring of this nature online.

Now, if you’re feeling impatient and you really need to discover your ring size immediately, you could always head over to a local jewelry shop and have them do it for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be bothered going into a jewelry store, there are certainly ways that you can do it online as well.

We will discuss the various ways to get your ring size measurement below.

Visiting a Professional Jeweler to Get Your Ring Finger Measured

As mentioned, the easiest and simplest way for many people to get their ring finger measured is to actually go to a near jeweler store.

But if for some reason you’re stuck at home and you have no way to get to the near certified jewelry store, there are other options.

If you do choose to go to the jewelers, just know that you’ll have a professional jeweler measuring your ring finger. And what’s great is that the professional jewelers have many sizing bands on hand, so they will be able to get your ring size just right.

Or, you could potentially measure your ring finger on your own if you have a tape measure at home. So that’s another option for you to consider.

Using a Ring Sizer Print Out

Your next option is to use a ring sizer print out.

This printout is very effective because it will help you accurately measure your finger by using a simple ring size guide to determine the correct size.

But there’s a potential problem that you have to avoid.

When you print the guide from the Internet, it is important that your printer is set to print 100% of the guide. Because if you’re printer is even off by the slightest and set at 98% or 96%, you’re going to end up with the wrong ring size. And thawrong ring size measurementt would obviously create a major problem for you that you would rather avoid.

So, do not hesitate to print out the ring sizer, but make sure your printer is set at 100%. This way you’ll find the exact size of the ring and you won’t get anything wrong.

DIY Ring Sizing

If you prefer to measure your ring finger without the aid of an online printout, you can certainly do it on your own.

Cut out a strip of paper for that you can wrap around your finger.

After you’ve wrapped around your finger, mark off the spot where the paper meets, take it off your finger, unroll it, and then measure it with a tape measure.


Please use this simple guideline to figure out your ring size very quickly.

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