The Purpose Of The American Gem Society

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If you want to buy a diamond for the love of your life, then you should know that the process of buying a diamond stone is not as simple as it sounds. Diamonds are very expensive – you already know this, but an important factor that many people do not realize is that a diamond’s price are based on certain factors that should be graded by a professional. Simply buying such an expensive stone without consulting the documentation or any references that proof the value of the diamond can lead to a disappointment when you find out you have paid a fortune for a diamond that is not worth much. When it comes to grading a diamond professionally, there are two primary bodies that can be consulted – the AGS, or the American Gem Society, and the GIA, also known as the Gemological Institute of America. In this post, we’ll discuss the purpose of the AGS and how they can help you ensure you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

What Is The American Gem Societyags

The American Gem Society is a corporation that started out in 1934. The society was founded due to the fact that many people pay much more diamonds prices that they are really worth and due to all of the scams in the diamond industry. The company offers education and guidance to the customer and diamond lovers, as well as a grading system that is used by certified professionals to determine the value and price of a particular diamond. The American Gem Society also offers an official online grading system where reports of diamonds are uploaded, which can then be confirmed by a potential customer. Also, they  offer diamond grading course online.

Verifying A Grading Report

One of the most useful features that the American Gem Society offers is their grading report verification system. A professional appraiser that has been registered with the American Gem Society is given access to a system where they can upload a certificate for a particular diamond. This certificate contains valuable information, including the rating of the 4 Cs that are often used to rate a diamond’s value. The certificate can be provided to a potential customer as well to provide an official report of the grading of the diamond, as well as the diamond’s value. Unfortunately, the diamond industry has seen a lot of scams, so many customers will be wary of the certificates – luckily, the “verification” system hosted on the American Gem Society’s official website allows a potential customer to verify the diamond grading certificate by simply entering the AGS reference number and the carat weight of the diamond.

Reference Services

Apart from the American grading system, the American Gem Society’s website also lists registered jewelers and also contain a list of appraisers. These sections are extremely valuable not only to potential consumers who would like to find a near jeweler store where they can buy diamonds from, but also for jewelers who would like to have their diamonds officially graded by trained professionals. Only professionals, qualified appraisers are listed on their website and all of the jewelers have also been thoroughly examined to ensure they are trustworthy.


The American Gem Society plays a vital role in the grading of diamonds and can help a person ensure they obtain a diamond according to the specifications provided by the brand they are buying from – and to ensure the person does not pay more for a diamond that what it really is worth. Not only can this society be used to grade a diamond, but it also provides a useful system for verifying a certificate and determining the authority of a particular diamond supplier.



The Purpose Of The American Gem Society
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