Purple Diamonds: Rare, Expensive And Extravagant

purple diamond

By now, everyone has seen at least one colorless diamonds in their lives. It is the most common kind of diamond on the market and you can find a colorless diamond at your nearest jeweler store. Due to its availability, people often consider these diamonds as old-fashioned and start to look for other types of gemstones that they can use instead to create beautiful pieces of jewelry, such as a purple diamond engagement rings, purple diamond wedding rings, necklace etc. This is where fancy color diamonds come in play. Fancy color diamonds refer to diamonds that are not colorless but rather possesses a particular diamond. These diamonds are much more expensive than the average colorless diamond, with the exception of some yellow stones that are also classified amongst the fancy diamonds. Of all the fancy color diamonds, reds are considered the most valuable and also the rarest. Today, however, we do not want to focus on the rarest of them all, but rather talk about a particular type of fancy color diamond that is not only beautiful, but also a valuable asset to add to a collection or fit into special kinds of jewelry like bracelets, earring, wedding band etc. The particular kind of fancy color diamonds we want to talk about here is purple diamonds.

Natural Purple Diamond Stone

First of all, you should note that we are talking about natural purple diamonds. There are a lot of companies that have started to grow synthetic colored diamonds in their laboratories. Even though these diamonds possess similar characteristics as natural diamonds, they will never be able to truly match the elegance and beauty of a diamond that formed naturally in its natural environment. Another important fact to consider is that it, while it is exceptionally difficult to find a purple diamond, it is even more difficult to find a natural purple diamond that has no secondary colors at all. Thus, if you do intend to look for a natural purple diamond, you should expect to find some options that have secondary colors as well. Secondary colors usually include pink and gray, but, in some cases, can also include brown and red as overtones.

Many people wonder how purple diamonds truly obtain their color. Diamond Envy reports that the particular process is not completely understood at the moment, but experts have discovered that the composition in purple diamonds that causes the pigmentation are similar to what is found in red diamonds, as well as the pink ones. Thus, a similarity in formation and chemical compound has been identified.

When it comes to grading a purple diamond stone, it is important to understand that, while the same diamond grading process is followed as with any other diamond, a special grading system is used when the color of the diamond is rated. Instead of increasing the diamond’s quality and value ratings when there is a smaller significance of color present in the diamond, a purple diamond’s value rather increases with more color. The color of such a diamond is rated based on its intensity. To determine the intensity of a purple diamond’s color, an appraiser will essentially look at the diamond’s saturation and tone. The diamond’s color can then be graded as:

  • purple diamond intensity scalepurple
  • Very light purple
  • Light purple
  • Fancy light purple
  • Fancy purple
  • Fancy intense purple
  • Fancy vivid purple
  • Fancy dark purple
  • Fancy deep purple


Purple diamonds are not the rarest among all fancy color diamonds, but they are still considered exceptionally valuable and extremely hard to find. It is very rare for
the diamond jewelry company to have stock of a natural purple diamond; thus they often have to be requested for a custom order. These diamonds can be added to a collection, or used in a piece of jewelry to create something truly unique and very valuable, such as an engagement ring or a pendant that is connected to a necklace.




Purple Diamonds: Rare, Expensive And Extravagant
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