James Allen Insurance

Today I’d like to share with you the James Allen Jewelers Mutual Insurance information.  Having insurance is a great way to rest easily knowing that if something were to happen to your jewelry, you are covered.

Jewelers Insurance James Allen

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James Allen decided to partner up with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, which is a quick and easy way to insure your jewelry.  This will leave you with the financial security that you are protected should something happen.  Jewelers Mutual works exclusively in jewelry insurance and is the same exact insurance all of us have here at The Diamond Advisors.

Read more about this insurance that will protect your investment forever. Trust us – it’s WELL worth it.

Advantages of Insuring Your Jewelry

  • Comprehensive worldwide coverage.
  • Theft, damage, loss, are all protected.
  • Choose the jeweler of your choice.
  • Repairs of damaged jewelry with quality of original.
  • Lost jewelry will be replaced with same brand and model.
  • Staff consists of GIA graduates.

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