Financing Options From James Allen

Investing in any diamond engagement ring or precious stone is always going to be an expensive purchase.

Most of us have to opt for some financing when presented with the big decision to make the purchase.  Today I’ll share with you what I know about the financing options offered by our preferred diamond vendor, James Allen.

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Financing Options at James Allen Diamonds

You’ll find that there are various options offered online.  Of course, your credit score will help determine which option you qualify for.  Here is a recent update from their financing options page:

Financing Options

What I like about this online application is that you will be alerted within minutes if you are approved, as well as for how much you are approved for.  Should you qualify, you have the option to use the credit now, or save it for later.  Just another reason we feel James Allen is the best place to buy diamonds online.  Click on this link to visit their official website and find out what type of financing you qualify for.

James Allen Financing Login

If you reached this page on error, and were looking for the financing login, it’s right here:

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