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We have the luxury of sharing our buying experiences from the online retailer James Allen, and if you read this James Allen review, you’ll see why it’s our top pick for shopping online for diamonds.

How They Got Started

The website was started in 1998, putting them at the forefront of the phenomena that we take for granted too often – the Internet.  The focus is on high end, luxury diamonds.

Five Diamond Award Winner
Our experience with this vendor has earned them the prestigious Five diamond award winner.

James Allen Schultz, along with his wife, Michele, founded the site after James was upset about his experience in trying to find Michele an engagement ring.  It didn’t take them long to become one of the best places to shop online for engagement rings.  Over time, they carved out a tendency to specialize in the high quality GIA and AGS certified true ideal cut diamonds.  Their business model is simple – they sell high quality items online because they lack the overhead that a retail location would encompass, therefore they pass along great prices to consumers.

Note:  all diamonds you buy from them are certified AGS or  GIA, the best respected gem labs in the business.

Why Do We Feel James Allen is the Best?

There are many people who respect them, but in our opinion, they are in a category all of their own. When you think of selling diamonds online, you think of JamesAllen.com.  Sure, there are other sites we’ve used, checked out, and can say they offer a solid buying experience, but for our hard earned money, this one is first class every time you shop there.

james allen reviews

Here are some of the pros (and cons) thousands of customers enjoy from James Allen.

Reviews of James Allen

Pros:- Winner of our prestigious “5 Diamond” Retailer Award
- Ability to customize ring setting
- 360 Degree Images of Each Diamond
- No questions asked return policy of 30 days
- Free Shipping Globally
- 2 Year Buy Back Policy
- 100% Upgrade Policy
- Lifetime Warranty on all Purchases
- Engraving Services – Personalize Your Items
- Various Payment Options (Including Financing)
Cons:- Small Selection of Unique Color Diamonds (Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, etc.)

Of course, one of the features we really love is the design your own engagement ring feature.  Click the image below to see for yourself.

Make Your Own Engagement Ring

Overview Of Pricing

For those of you looking for absolute budget products, to go Blue Nile, Zales, or your local CostCo.

This diamond shop is not a crazy expensive site, don’t let our James Allen review scare you off.  You can rest assured that when you buy from James Allen, you can reference that if in the unfortunate case you have to re-sell the item later on and every will know that it is of the best quality.  It’s not like getting something from an unknown seller on eBay where you’ll have to convince people of the quality.


Perhaps the best trait of James Allen is that they have an insane selection of fancy color diamonds.  Rare, precious, and an incredible personal touch to any piece of Allen jewelry, this is a selection of

Exclusive diamonds at jamesallen.com
Offering the most exclusive, rare, fancy color diamonds and much more.

yellow, blue, green, brown, and pink diamonds that will impress anyone.  The reviews of these rare pieces are off the charts, and if you are looking to wow that special someone, this must be considered.

Custom Items & Designer Pieces

There are two very respected names you’ll see on the James Allen jewelry website.  Verragio designs jewelry that is out of this world.  Click the link to read more.  Mille Couers adds a selection of colored gemstones with absolutely “wowing” designs if we don’t mind saying ourselves.

Both of these third parties have chosen James Allen diamonds to be their online distribution partner, and they both benefit from this incredible partnership.

According to the website, the “design your own custom engagement rings ” service is where most of the rings are created.  You’ll see this service offered with other top diamond dealers, but this one has better functionality.  Simply choose the stone or the setting and within a few clicks, you’ll have the entire design right before your eyes.  When you choose a stone first, you’ll be presented with choices to proceed with including color, shape, clarity, carat, origin, and of course, price.

It’s amazing to build a ring right before your very eye.


Everyone in the business of shopping for rings should know that the 4 C’s are where you should focus when you are looking for quality gemstones.

The Highest Quality

The accreditation is AGS, GIA, or IG on each gemstone, and this allows you to invest with confidence knowing that you are buying a gemstone that’s exactly as advertised and not some cheap version that’s being heralded as something it’s not.  There are over 50,000 diamonds in the James Allen inventory currently.  Each stone is appraised to maintain the quality, and that should tell you the ethics of this very refined company right there.

The Website, JamesAllen.com

It wouldn’t be a proper James Allen review if we didn’t talk about the navigation experience on the actual company website.  That’s where you’ll be buying products, so it’s good to go over what we thought about it.

We found the website easy to use and navigate.  It’s clean, bright, and welcoming.  What more could you ask for when you buy diamond online?

We are serial shoppers (you should see Sue’s Amazon.com bills each month) and appreciate a smooth user experience.  When you navigate throughout the site, you’ll see that everything is secure and that you are in good hands.  It’s not surprising that they have been featured in:

  • Forbes
  • Huffington Post
  • Elite Daily
  • Maxim
  • GQ
  • The Knot

Perhaps being mentioned on the Knot is the most impressive, since that’s the #1 source for wedding information.  It’s a gigantic site with a massive following.

There is an FAQ on the site, which we felt answered everything we could ask in advance of buying online.

Okay, so we went into all of the great things that we could possibly say about this amazing company.  However, our review would not be complete if we didn’t talk about some of the things that people may dislike about deciding to buy James Allen diamond rings.

Five Diamond Award

What Are the Con’s?

Again, there is very little “bad” to be said about this company.  However, it’s worth noting the following just for 100% clarity before you make your way over to JamesAllen.com and make a purchase.

  • You will pay return fees if you live outside the USA and decide to return the diamond.  (USA shipped returns are 100% free.)
  • Fancy colored diamond selection can be scarce at times.  (However, you are buying a fancy colored diamond, and this scarcity keeps the value high, so while some people may not be happy about this, it’s actually a good thing.)

That concludes our James Allen review.  We endorse this brand so much that we have given it our prestigious five diamond award.  This is the highest rating given to any seller of precious gems and stones.  Shop with confidence knowing you are in great hands.

James Allen Quick Access Links

Packaging                           Design Your Own Ring

Ring Sizer                                        Ring Insurance

Resizing                                           Return Policy

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Financing Options

JamesAllen.com Reviews – Everything You Need to Know
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James Allen Diamonds
Diamond Advisors Summary
James Allen was the clear choice for our prestigious "5 Diamond" Retailer Award. By having 360 images of every single diamond they sell, it takes the risk out of shopping online. Couple that with a Money Back Guarantee and on-demand customer service team; purchasing a diamond from James Allen should be a no brainer.
360 Degree Images of Each Diamond
Full Money Back Guarentee
Reputable Company
No Questions Asked Customer Service Policy
Small Selection of Unique Color Diamonds (Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, etc.)