James Allen Design Your Own Ring

If you haven’t read the James Allen review, please do so here.  You won’t want to shop anywhere else.  Today I’m going to provide details on how you can design your own ring at JamesAllen.com, which was really the thing that set them apart from other jewelers that are primarily online facing establishments.

Designing Your Own Ring Online at James Allen

Further setting this store apart from others is the sheer variety of things you can customize with several clicks of the mouse.

You can begin designing the engagement ring of  your dreams by choosing to start wit the setting or the diamond.  Offering 100’s of ring styles that are sure to impress the most choosy of buyers, you then tack on the fancy color diamond or brilliant colorless diamond of your liking.  With over 150,000 loose diamonds to choose from, you can also line up your stone with a gorgeous ring setting in the exact precious metal of your preference.

This graphic shows the various precious metal types available:

Designing Rings at JamesAllen.com

James Allen’s online design customizing also allows you to work with their designer collection.

Designers you can choose from include:

If you are looking for some inspiration on where to start, you are in luck!

James Allen offers an “inspiration gallery” which is essentially a gallery of rings that were recently made by actual customers!  Perhaps seeing what other people made in their own design process at James Allen will spur some ideas and spark a design idea for your own ring.

Ring Design Process at James Allen

Coming soon, a full HD video of a ring being customized online.  Stay tuned, we’ll have this entire process mapped out for you and it’ll leave no doubt in your mind that there is not a better place to shop online for custom engagement rings.