James Allen and CanadaMark Diamonds Sign Exclusive Deal

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Our favorite online store for diamonds, James Allen, has been busy growing their business and scaling to new heights.

As reported today in this article, the online retailer of diamonds has signed a deal with CanadaMark to become their exclusive online seller.

The Canadian-based Dominion Diamond Corporation made a deal with the e-commerce website which will ensure the sales transacted on the official James Allen website will come with a unique serial number as well as a certificate of origin.

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What’s really impressive about the quality control here is that the report detailed the process of how the stones start being tracked from the mine to the polished stage via processes which are audited.  Dominion’s Ekati mine or the Diavik deposit is where the stones are coming from, (in the Northwest Territories of Canada) the latter being a joint venture with Rio Tinto.

As James Allen continues to be the leading online retailer of engagement rings as well as loose diamonds, we’re excited to see them continue to grow. You won’t find a better place to shop for such items online, and the fact that you can design your own rings as well as see them with the 360 degree technology is quite impressive.

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