How Much Are Tacori Wedding Bands?

tacori Wedding Bands

While an engagement ring is one of the most essential parts of a proposal, thereafter another series of jewelry comes into play that is just as important. We are referring to wedding bands, of course. The two partners who are getting married places a wedding band on each other’s finger on the day of the wedding, which marks their lives “becoming one” and the start of their journey as a married couple. Tacori has a wide selection of rose gold wedding band and platinum wedding bands to choose from, available at relatively affordable prices when you consider the fact that this is a designer brand and their jewelry are all very exquisite.

When shopping for wedding bands from Tacori, it is important to note that their wedding bands are divided into two primary categories, being wedding bands for men and wedding bands for women. This is because there is often a distinct difference between the wedding bands that men and women wear; thus it is more convenient for the customer to shop for these two separately.

tacorisculpted crescent diamond wedding ringAmongst their wedding band collection for women, prices tend to start at around $980. This price offers the customer a sculpted crescent wedding band, especially designed for women, and comes in a golden color. The setting is also made from gold. An upgraded versions of this particular wedding band is available where the setting has been made from platinum. This upgrade costs $1,360. The prices of their sapphire wedding bands collection for women go up to around $2,440, which offers the customer their exquisite “Ribbon” band and the setting is made of platinum. A golden version of this ring is also available at $1,890.

The collection of wedding bands for men from Tacori is extensive and includes some sophisticated designs that are perfect for the modern man, as well as some vintage designs. This collection of tacori wedding ring is somewhat more expensive than their collection for women, with the lowest priced option starting at a price of $1,670. An upgrade to platinum material with this option will cost the customer $2,830. These wedding bands go up to around $4,890 in price, offering the man a sculpted crescent wedding band with a very unique appearance.


How Much Are Tacori Wedding Bands?
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