Everything You Need To Know About Three-Carat Diamond Rings

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If you’re looking to buy your loved one a diamond ring or even for yourself, and you are not afraid to dig into your wallet, then a three-carat diamond ring is definitely a choice you should consider. A three-carat diamond is much larger than other choices like a one or two-carat diamond, and it obviously also gives you more to show off when the time comes. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the options that you will be provided with should you decide to buy a three-carat diamond ring, as well as the price you should expect to pay if you want to buy such a ring – no matter the purpose.

Diamond Carat Pricing

Let’s take a look at the price you should expect to pay if you want to opt for a three-carat diamond ring. This is an important factor to consider as a three-carat diamond ring can cost a lot of money. The price of such a ring obviously defers from one jewelry supplier to another, but the difference should not be significant as there is a general


al rating system that most suppliers utilize when determining the price of a diamond. As an example, here are a few prices extracted from Brilliant Earth’s price list:

  • A 2mm “Comfort Fit” 3.01 carat diamond ring with a “J” color rating and a “Super Ideal” cut costs around $32,850.
  • A platinum 3.05 diamond ring with a “G” color rating, “Super Idea” cut and “VS1” clarity rating costs $45,050.

While these are only two examples, you can see that only taking the diamond’s “carat” into consideration is not a wise choice. Other factors, such as color rating, cut rating and clarity rating can have a considerable impact on the price of a diamond. In the examples above, you see a small difference in carat of only 0.04, yet there is a price difference of over $10,000. This is because the one diamond has a better color rating and a much better clarity rating than the other one.

Diamond Color Rating

The color of a diamond stone definitely has an effect on how much the diamond stone costs. Even if two diamonds have the same carat weight, their price can defer significantly if their color ratings are not the same. The clear

3 carat diamond ringer and more colorless a diamond are, the higher its value. On the other hand, diamonds that has a yellowish tone are not as valuable as a colorless diamond. Blue Nile jewelers explain that color is rated as the second most vital element that is considered when the value of a diamond is determined through the 4 Cs.

Diamond Clarity Scale

Apart from color, clarity also has a significant part to play in the value of a diamond. A diamond’s clarity can be graded from 0 to 10, with 0 representing diamonds that are rated as “flawless” and 10 representing diamonds that are “included” – meaning they contain inclusions and blemishes that are visible to the naked eye.


A three-carat diamond ring is larger than a one carat ring, which is usually the most popular choice as it provides a good balance between visual effects and price. There are numerous options that should be considered if you want to buy a three-carat diamond ring, such as clarity rating, color rating, and shape. There is also the higher price that should be considered as such a ring can cost quite a lot of money.




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