Does James Allen Charge Sales Tax?

sales tax

Wondering if you will be charged sales tax on your jewelry purchase from James Allen? You might! Find out if you’ll be charged sales tax based on the state you live in by clicking here.

Sales tax is often a subject that people may be concerned about as it can add additional costs that might be unexpected to the total of a customer’s order while they are shopping at a particular brand. James Allen is an online jewelry brand that only charges sales tax when a customer requests their order to be shipped to a particular part of the United States, based on the particular laws that account for these states.

Sales tax is a confusing subject in many cases, especially for those who are not used to paying sales tax due to the location they are living in. When buying products locally, it is usually easy to determine whether sales tax will need to be paid separately from the product’s total cost. When you go online to shop for a particular product, however, the subject of whether or not sales tax would be added to your order gets a little more complicated.

The laws in each state of the United States are different. For this reason, it is important to look at your local area’s laws regarding sales tax if you wish to determine whether you will have to pay sales tax when you order a product online. The same goes for buying a product as a gift for someone. If the location that the package should be sent to requires sales tax to be charged according to their laws, then sales tax will be calculated and added to your order’s total during the checkout process.

james allen engagement ringJames Allen usually do not charge any sales tax on the majority of their orders. There are, however, some cases where sales tax will be calculated at checkout and then added to your order. This will only occur when certain criteria is matched – with, in this case, being that the products purchased from the brand is sent to particular states in the United States that requires James Allen to add additional sales tax to the order you are placing.

There are only two states for which James Allen charges sales tax. Should your package be sent to an address that falls within New York or Maryland, sales tax will be collected by James Allen.


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