Do Rings Come In Half Sizes?

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There is a significant amount of confusion when it comes to ring sizes. The ring size that needs to be purchased in one country is sometimes different from a ring size in another country. Additionally, many people are unsure about which ring size they should buy. It is considerably easier to purchase a ring for yourself than for someone else, as measuring your own finger should not pose as a particular problem. When buying for someone else, such as the person you wish to propose to, things can become much more complicated. You do not want them to know that you are about to buy an engagement ring and propose to them, so you can obviously not take them to a jeweler and have their finger measured to identify which ring size you need to purchase.

The perfect way to obtain the ring size of your loved one without her knowing you are going to buy a diamond engagement ring to propose is to obtain a ring she already owns. The ring needs to fit her comfortably. It should not be too tight or too loose. If the ring is too loose, it can easily fall of her finger. If the ring is too tight, it could become a problem and even get stuck on her finger. Thus, try to aim for a ring that has the perfect fit for her particular ring finger.

How To Determine/Measure Ring Size

Once you obtain such a ring, download a ring size chart/guide from the internet and print it out. Make sure you print it out on a 1:1 scale otherwise the sizing will be compromised and you will not be able to get an accurate reading. Now, simply place the ring on the images provided until you find one that matches the size of the ring.

ring half sizeUnfortunately, sometimes a ring may not perfectly fit in any of these images; thus a lot of people wonder if rings come in half sizes. Most companies do not provide rings in half sizes. Thus, it is often recommended to find the ring size that best matches the ring in question. In some cases, however, special requests can be made, but this depends on the particular jeweler store that you are planning to buy from.

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