The Difference Between An HRD and GIA Diamond Certificate


Before a diamond can be sold to the general public, it has to go through an extensive review. This is actually the case with any type of gemstone. During this review, a professionally trained gemologist takes a look at the diamond under a magnifier that is able to magnify the image to ten times its original size. The gemologist then looks at many different aspects of the diamond or gemstone while they analyze it, and completes a grading process that specifies the quality of the diamond that is being investigated. After the grading process has been completed, the value of the diamond is then determined by looking at the particular notes that the gemologist has made while he analyzed the stone. If a diamond has not been inspected by a gemologist, its market value cannot be accurately determined, which means it will not be sold at a suitable price.

To ensure the grading process of a diamond is done professionally and honestly, a variety of institutions have been founded that follows certain standards. All jewelers, including online stores like, use these certification standards. These institutions offer professional diamond appraisal services to manufacturers of jewelry, as well as to diamond collectors and miners. When a particular institute is used to grade a diamond, they issue an official certificate to proof that the diamond has been inspected by one of their gemologists. This certificate contains all the vital information that the potential buyer will need if they want to make sure that they are paying an appropriate price.

The HDR Versus The GIA

hrd   gia

The HDR, also known as HDR Labs or HDR Antwerp, is a particular institute that also offers diamond appraisal services. This institute has actually gained quite a reputation in the last few years – but, unlike the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society), the HDR has not received reviews and a reputation that is something to brag about.

A report published on explains that the HDR are not very accurate when it comes to grading a diamond. They performed a test where they sent out some diamonds to different gemological laboratories to determine the accuracy of each institution. During the test, they compared the results of every laboratory to each other and also took the actual values of the diamonds that were sent out into consideration. This helped them determine which laboratories are more accurate and trustworthy when it comes to grading and certifying a diamond.

They found that the HDR specifically did not make very accurate ratings on the certificates that were sent back after the diamonds was inspected. In fact, the HDR made more mistakes and were actually less accurate than all of the laboratories that these diamonds were sent to – except for two laboratories that are often considered to be untrustworthy and prone to scamming people.

The problem with inaccurately rating a diamond’s quality is the fact that the value of a diamond is determined by analyzing the grades that the diamond has received in particular areas, such as its cut quality, color rating and its clarity grade. When these ratings are not accurate, it could mean that the diamond will be overvalued by the jeweler, which will be unfair to the customer as they will be expected to pay more for the diamond that it is worth.


Since there are many different institutions that can be used to grade and value a diamond, it is important to know the difference between these institutions and to realize which ones are more trustworthy. Reports and recent tests that were performed indicates that the HRD Labs in particular may not be one of the more trustworthy institutes, whereas some institutions, such as the GIA, seems to be a better choice when asking for a diamond grading certificate. When buying a diamond online, make sure you know which diamond institute the diamond is certified by



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