Diamonds Aren’t The Only Precious Gemstones On The Market


It is most definitely not a surprising fact that diamonds are considered to be one of the most famous precious gemstones on the market. They are also one particular type of gemstone that people often desire when they would like to buy engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands and other forms of jewelry. Diamonds cost a lot of money as well, so not everyone is able to afford them – or at least afford ones that are perfectly visible to the naked eye. Diamonds are not only available in colorless options, but can also be found in some pretty amazing colors, best color of diamonds are blue, pink, red and green. Unfortunately, buying a fancy color diamond, as they are called, can cost much more than a diamond that possesses no colors at all. For example, the Cape Town Diamond Museum in South Africa reports that the price for a red diamond usually starts at around $100,000 – and this price will barely get you a red diamond that weighs 0.2 carats.

What most buyers do not realize is that they do not necessarily have to opt for a diamond if they are looking to purchase a precious gemstone. The term “precious gemstone” is not just something made up, but rather an actual term that is used to describe a group of gemstones that are considered exceptionally valuable and sought-after. Any type of gemstone that does not fall within this category is classified as semi-precious gemstones. In addition to diamonds being categorized as a precious gemstone, there are three other types of gemstones that also falls within the category. In this post, we would like to introduce you to these Three precious gemstones names and tell you why they make excellent alternative choices for fancy color diamonds.

The Three Primary Precious Gemstones

The precious gemstones category primarily consists of four different gemstone types. Diamonds are obviously one of these types, but there are three more than we want to talk about in this post. These include rubies, sapphires and emeralds; each exhibiting a unique range of features, combined with a vibrant, beautiful color. Now let’s discuss these alternative precious gemstones individually.

  • Rubies – Rubies are red gemstones that are also extremely valuable and often also quite expensive. Similar to diamonds, rubies are also extremely hard; thus leading to an excellent level of durability. The International Gem Society reports that rubies are excellent for wearing in everyday jewelry and they are graded on the same principles as diamonds, except their color are graded based on intensity level, saturation and other factors


  • Sapphires – Most sapphires are blue in color. They are also precious gems and can also cost a lot of money. Some sapphires come in other colors, such as pink and yellow. Note that a sapphire will never be red or green.


  • Emerald – The third primary precious gemstone is an emerald. This stone is naturally green in color. Emerald stones are classified as the birthstone of May. They often exhibit a vibrant, vivid green color. The GIA explains that it is almost completely impossible to obtain an emerald that has absolutely no inclusions.



We all know that diamonds are worth a lot of money and that they are precious gemstones, but we often do not take into account that diamonds are not the only objects that are classified as precious gemstones. In addition to diamonds, buyers should also consider opting for a ruby, emerald or sapphire when they are looking to buy a diamond with a particular color without having to spend the large amounts of money that are tied to buying fancy color diamonds.





Diamonds Aren’t The Only Precious Gemstones On The Market
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