What Is “Diamond Fluorescence”?

flourescent diamondAs far as the definition of fluorescence in diamonds is concerned, it actually refers to the diamond’s ability and tendency to emit a glow that is very soft in color when exposed to ultraviolet lighting a.k.a. a black light.

Not every diamond has the ability to fluoresce. As a matter of fact, this is only going to happen to roughly 30% of them. And the funny thing is that colorless diamonds will actually sell at a discount of 15% because people look at the fluorescence and believe that it is a defect.

What Does Diamond Fluorescence Mean?

All in all, the definition of the term fluorescent diamonds is in reference to stones that will show a different color when they are viewed under different types of lighting.

The color of the diamond has the ability to look different depending on where you happen to be looking at the diamond and the lighting in the room.

As an example, let’s say that if you look at a diamond in the jewelry store it could very well appear to be one color. But then when you take the diamond out into the sunlight and view it outside, the diamond itself might have a totally different color altogether because of the way that the light reflects from the sun.

You may not realize that there are so many levels of diamond fluorescence and the appearance and color of the diamond could very well change more often than not.

To learn the true nature of a diamond’s fluorescence, this gemstone needs to be looked at under an ultraviolet light by an expert gemologist.

Is Diamond Fluorescence Considered a Negative Trait of Diamonds?

Since diamond fluorescence has the ability to change the color of the diamond, this could be considered a positive aspect or a negative trait, depending on the person that you’re talking to.

Fluorescense in diamonds
GIA Diamond Fluorescence Comparisons

All in all, most people do not consider diamond fluorescence to be a negative aspect or bad diamond, a majority of diamond lover consider diamond fluorescence as good as other diamond stone. They do look at them as beautiful, noteworthy gemstones that are worthy of your time, attention, and money.

The cool thing about the fluorescence is that they have the ability to change the color of the diamond depending on the lighting.

So one moment your diamond could appear white, and then the next moment if you change the lighting of the room, it could appear to be strong blue fluorescence diamond, yellow, or even pink. It all depends on the fluorescence of the diamond and the light in which it is being viewed.

To tell the truth, some fluorescent diamonds are considered better than black diamonds that do not contain any fluorescence. And in those instances, the diamonds are going to actually cost more money than diamonds without fluorescence.

So it really all comes down to the style of diamond, the way that the fluorescence makes it look in the light, and whether or not people find it attractive.


As you can see, diamond fluorescence definitely plays a role in the value and color of a particular diamond. Fluorescence isn’t a negative or positive aspect; it’s just part of the diamond and nothing more.