Can Toothpaste Clean Diamond Jewelry?

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Diamond jewelry is precious and also costs a lot of money. For this reason, a person should take extra care of their jewelry to ensure it lasts as long as possible without wearing down and to prevent the diamonds from falling out. There are a lot of different ways in which a person can care for their precious diamond jewelry – from taking the jewelry in to a local jewelry retailer to have the pieces professionally cleaned, to utilizing certain at-home techniques to thoroughly clean the jewelry without causing harm to it.

When it comes to cleaning jewelry at a retailer, the costs involved can be quite high. This can be unfortunate if regular cleaning is needed as some people may not be able to afford professional cleanings at a frequent interval.

The alternative option is to clean your jewelry at home without having to take the jewelry to a retailer. The problem, however, is that there is a lot of different information available regarding cleaning diamond jewelry at home without the services of a professional. Some guides may recommend utilizing detergents, for example. There is also a significant amount of information available regarding the use of toothpaste to clean jewelry at home.

engagement ringsThe truth is, the most appropriate method for cleaning diamond jewelry is to be as gentle as possible. The diamonds contained in these jewelry may fall out if the cleaning method utilizes is too aggressive, which might cause you to lose the diamonds if you are not careful.

Toothpaste can, in fact, be used to assist with removing the buildup of dirt, oils and other particles on diamond jewelry, but only when the metal utilizes in the manufacturing of the diamond’s setting is not gold. All gold options, including yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, should not be cleaned with toothpaste.

When cleaning diamond jewelry that contains gold metal material as its setting, it is important to rather opt for a more gentle liquid-based cleanser. Many people find that simply using some warm water and a toothbrush works effectively in removing dirt and other particle buildups on their golden diamond jewelry without causing harm.

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