Blue Diamonds Prices Rise on Supply Shortage

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So the first quarter of diamond sales are in, and the blue diamonds beat out the rest of the fancy colored diamonds due to a larger demand for rare stones.  This was according to the Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF for short.)

A 1.9% price index was realized for blue fancy color diamonds from the prior quarter, and it they were up 5.7% from exact one year ago’s prices.  The rest of the fancy diamonds realized 0.2% gains from quarter to quarter, and 0.7% in the last year.

Why Did The Price of Fancy Blue Diamonds Rise?

“Highly coveted fancy intense and vivid blues are challenging to find in the market, while interest and demand for these categories continue to grow – This trend is likely to continue well into 2017 as owners react to supply shortages with price hikes.”  – Eden Rachminov, chairman of the FCRF’s advisory board.

In other reports, the prices of the yellow color fancy diamonds dropped 0.2% from the fourth quarter.  They lost 2.5% of their value in the year over year reports.  Pink dropped 0.2% quarter over quarter and 0.8% from the past year.

Blue Diamond Prices Go Up
Prices of fancy colored diamonds normally hold their value, or even better, increase in value.

Declines in the “fancy” segment led diamonds labeled “fancy intense” to make gains, according to reports.  The FCRF has an index, called the “Fancy Color Diamond Index,” and this reports the sales and historic prices of pink, blue, and yellow fancy color diamonds in the markets of Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, and New York.  This is entirely their own index and different from this chart that explains the different colors and grades of various diamonds.

I’ll be reporting constantly as I read more reports.  Special credit to for providing this amazing information.

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