Birthstones by Month

Every month of the year has a corresponding birthstone.  While this is typically something that was a more celebrated topic in the past, there are many people who remain extremely passionate about birthstones.

Who Started Birthstones?

Birthstones date back to the breastplate of Aaron, which had 12 gemstones that corresponded to the twelve tribes of Israel.  As we know these stones today, the list mostly commonly used (below) dates to 1912.

Of course, if you search online you’ll find many stories and tall tales about how there are magical healing powers from birthstones.  Some will call summon their healing powers while others praise them as therapeutic.  Some will even go as far as say that when you wear a gemstone during the month of designation the healing powers go into overdrive.  If you really want to take your birthstone game to the next level, you can own all 12 months and wear each month as the calendar turns!  This gives you “full effect,” according to some.


To learn more about the birthstones by month, click on the links below.  I’ve made full explanations on corresponding pages.