Are Tacori Rings Real Diamonds?

tacori engagement ring settings

Tacori has become very popular diamond store recently and they are now utilized by thousands of customers who are looking to buy a ring – whether it is an engagement ring, a wedding ring, designer jewelry or simply a ring to add to their fine collection of jewelry. The company offers a wide selection of jewelry – both on their website and at selected retailers that have been authorized by Tacori. A common question that is asked by customers who have not yet bought from this brand is whether or not their diamonds are real. This question is actually pretty complex, since Tacori specializes in producing sophisticated rings and other pieces of jewelry that needs to be fitted with a diamond – which means in addition to buying a setting from Tacori, the customer would still be required to purchase a diamond separately.

Tacori Engagemen RingsWith this in mind, a customer does not only need to look at the particular jewelry they would like to buy from Tacori, but would also have to look at a particular retailer they can purchase a diamond from. Luckily, Tacori makes the process of buying a diamond that will fit perfectly into one of their settings very easy for the customer. When buying a Tacori setting from an authorized local jewelry retailer, customers can be sure that Tacori carefully selected the particular retailer they are buying from – and this means that the diamonds offered by the particular retailer in question will also be real, authentic and of high quality.

To find out where Tacori settings can be purchased, a person can simply visit their website and look for a link to their “Find a Retailer” page. This page will then automatically detect the location of the customer if their location services are turned on. Alternatively, the customer can manually enter their location in a bar located on this page. Once entered, the page will load a map that displays all of the local retailers in the visitor’s local area that stocks and sells Tacori rings and other jewelry that have been designed by this particular brand. Additionally, customers can also opt to buy from Tacori through their website, but this only applies to individuals residing in the US.


Are Tacori Rings Real Diamonds?
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