About Us

It’s important that you take time to study this website if you are at all interested in buying diamonds online.  As a group of “luxury shoppers” we made it our goal to be the most respected source on how you can buy diamonds and not lose your t shirt along the way.

Our New York based writers are astute buyers who have learned from a mentor who has a background in gemology.  He can appraise fine jewelry and has taught us a lot of his 60 years of knowledge in the business, which we regurgitate on our website.

The lack of resources online led us to creating this website.  While we enjoy our work, we consider it an evergreen project that will evolve along with the market.

Whether you are looking for an engagement ring for your bride to be, or just looking to enhance your knowledge of how the diamond buying process works, we hope you enjoy our website.

We Aren’t Perfect – But We Try to Make Your Buying Process That Way

The more you read our site, the more you’ll see that sales people in the retail industry are simply trying to separate you from your money.  The mark-up on diamonds can be substantial, and if you know how to navigate the waters and talk the talk, you’ll be able to spot a deal well before anyone else.

A secondary goal our website has is to hear all about your successes.  Please view this page and see all of the people who have learned from our advice.  We’d love to have you be our next “expert in the making!”

Editor Profiles

Paul Abbott – Lead Advisor & Founder

Mr. Abbott made a career in sales before investing heavily in the real estate market.  As an avid entrepreneur, he’s recently invested in a portfolio of web-based businesses.  The “idea man” behind the website, he started this site as a project to motivate his son, Jarrett, who has been interested in learning more about the diamond industry in hopes of one day opening his own high end boutique online store.  His tastes in diamonds and precious stones are classic and unassuming.

Paul Profile

Jarrett Abbott – Up and Coming Entrepreneur

Being groomed by his Entrepreneurial Father, Jarrett is an aspiring business man who has a passion for diamonds as well as International Travel.  The self-proclaimed “Executioner of Ideas,” not a day goes by where he doesn’t update the website, perform R & D on the industry, or study diamonds and gemology.  He’s quickly become an expert on the princess cut diamonds, spending over a year to select one for his own bride to be.

Jaette Profile

Mallary – IT & Webmaster

Mr. Abbott thinks Jarrett should be able to maintain the website all on his own. Jarrett claims there are only so many hours in the day and that his skill sets are better used when writing content and attending industry events where he can further his education.  That’s where Mallary comes in.  She’s the glue that keeps the site together and the website perfectly maintained.  Based in India, she’s also a world class assistant to both men, as she frequently updates their schedules in Google Calendar as well as even does Jarrett’s online shopping at Amazon.com.

Mallary Pic

Please feel free to reach out to any of us on this page.

We accept feedback of all kinds and are happy to work with the media in any way, shape, or form.