Your Guide to Buying Diamonds Online

The process of choosing the perfect diamond is often one of the most important financial decisions we make in life.  There are many false reports about what the characteristics of a respectable diamond is and we set out to offer clarity – and advice – on how to purchase diamonds.  This advice works for online shoppers like us as well as those of you who just want to be armed with information as you visit physical stores.

The Diamond Advisors is a site we set up due to all the bad information floating around.  Luckily we have the ear of a local gemologist who has been our guiding light and mentor over time.  His experience and advice made us fans of the whole research process of buying diamonds, and now we’re on a mission to pay it forward and help others make solid decisions.

When you take in all of the information on this website, you’ll be armed with all you need to purchase a quality diamond for a great price.

What You Need To Know About Diamonds

Have you ever looked closely at two diamonds and thought “these look identical?”  Often times diamonds will have the same visual appeal and size, but will have a huge variance in price!

The most subtle variances are NOT noticeable with the naked eye.  In fact, clarity and color are things that you won’t be able to detect – not by a country mile!

The features that make good diamonds great are things like color and clarity grades.  You need to know about four main components:

  • cut
  • carat
  • clarity
  • color

These are called “The 4 C’s of buying diamonds.” 

You can read all about the 4 c’s on this page.

All of these items are taken into consideration when a price is determined.  If anything is altered, the price will certainly fluctuate.  When you are shopping for diamonds, you need to be armed with the information that gives you an unfair advantage over other shoppers so you don’t overpay and can get the best price possible.  You can literally buy a diamond that will look just like another, yet save thousands because you knew something that someone else didn’t.

Where Should You Purchase Diamonds?

You won’t find better deals than buying diamonds online.  That’s a simple fact we’ve come to expose to the world, and let’s be honest here, everyone is shopping online.  Retailers aren’t looking to carry the massive overhead that stores possess, and when they open up their business online they can pass along the savings of not having rent, employees, and all of the associated costs with that, along to the customers. With the way photography is these days, you can get a birds eye view at the merchandise just as if you were in the store.  (Plus without pushy sales people.)

pic of diamond

Which Online Retailers Are The Best?

If you asked someone thirty years ago if they would ever purchase a diamond without physically seeing it, you’d probably hear people break out in laughter.  These days, people are doing all of their shopping online and shopping malls are having difficulty making money and commanding rents.  Thanks in part to the advancement of technology, we can recommend many sources online that offer astute ways you can view diamonds right from the comfort of your Internet Connection!

The best one we’ve found is James Allen, where you can see all of their items for sale with full videos and up to 40 x magnification of everything!  You will never get this amazing viewing experience at your local retailers.  It’s hands down the best way to view diamonds, and they happen to be the best value we’ve found.

It’s not the only retailer we trust, but it’s the one that has won us over.  You can check out their reputation anywhere online and see why they are the best.  We’ll also go on record and recommend you check out this retailer, as well as this one.

Choosing diamonds and crafting the engagement ring that your future bride will appreciate doesn’t have to be a painful experience.  Once you understand the finer points of diamond selection, you’ll be light years ahead of any other shopper.  We’ve made this site a virtual encyclopedia of information that you can come back to at any time.  We also take questions and comments from our readers in an attempt to really go above and beyond.

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