Who Is Martin Flyer?

There are thousands of brands in the modern life that specializes in diamond jewelry. Diamonds have become a standard that many people tries to uphold to when they purchase certain jewelry, with engagement and wedding rings being two primary jewelry types that are now mostly purchased with a diamond. Martin Flyer has become a standard in the diamond industry and offers some of the most elegant jewelry that is currently available both online and at physical retailers.

Martin Flyer was founded by, as the name of the brand suggests, Martin Flyer. The company was founded in 1945 and is now run by Joshua Kaufman. The company believes in manufacturing elegant and sophisticated jewelry that offers their customers some of the best quality jewelry out there, but also to ensure their jewelry are affordable. Martin Flyer jewelry can be purchased on the internet, as well as at numerous physical retailers that have been licensed to carry items manufactured by this brand.

One of the most significant and noteworthy milestones of Martin Flyer is their “Five Classifications Of Bridal” collection that they introduced on their online store, as well as at 150 physical retailers that have been licensed to sell Martin Flyer jewelry. This particular collection includes five different styles of engagement and wedding rings that the company has started to promote as part of their designer collections. These styles included their solitare, three stone, chanel, shared pront and micro pave engagement ring styles.

Buying an engagement ring from Martin Flyer is very easy. Customers are given the opportunity to create their own ring, or to buy from one of the designer rings that Martin Flyer have previously developed. Customers can start their design by choosing the setting they would like to use for their ring, which allows the customer to choose both a design and a material type for the setting, or the customer can start by choosing a diamond.

While Martin Flyer primarily specializes in wedding and engagement rings, the company also offers a range of other products that customers may also be interested in. These include rings that can be used for purposes other than a wedding or an engagement, as well as earrings, necklaces and more.

Who Is Martin Flyer?
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