Does Jared Jewelry Finance?

It is no surprise that jewelry has become expensive – in fact, some people buy jewelry that is more expensive than the average price we pay for a car. When it comes to the more exquisite kind of jewelry, such as diamond rings, the price goes even higher for a single piece of jewelry. With the current state of the economy taken into account and considering the fact that the average American does not make enough money to buy jewelry cash, it becomes a disappointment when a man wants to propose, only to discover that he will have to save up over several years before he would be able to afford a decent engagement ring. With Jared Jewelry, however, an alternative financing option is available; thus giving the man an opportunity to get the ring now and pay for it over several months or years.

Jared Jewelry has two different financial plans available that have been tailored to suit the requirements and budget of their customers. These two plans all include a special Jared Store Card, which can be loaded with a certain amount of credit, depending on the customer’s credit profile and affordability, and then used at any of the local Jared stores – or even at their online shopping portal – to purchase some of their exclusive items on credit.

The first financing offer is called the Diamond Plan and gives the client the ability to pay their order off over a period of 12 months. With this plan, the customer is not charged any interest fees. This is the most convenient option due to the no interest feature. This means that, should the customer buy a diamond ring that is worth $2500, they will only pay back the $2500 over a 12-month period and will not be expected to pay any additional fees.

The other option is called their Platinum Plan and gives the customer up to 18 months to pay for their order. With this option, no interest fees are charged for the first 12 months of payment, but interest will be added for the remaining six months. Note that a 20% deposit is required with these financing options.



Does Jared Jewelry Finance?
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