Are Jared Diamonds Conflict Free?

When shopping for diamond jewelry, there are many terms that a person may notice listed on a website of a brand they wish to shop from. When a person is an expert in this industry, it is easy to understand what all these terms mean, but for beginners, it can be quite confusing. One particular term is a “conflict-free diamond” – when shopping at Jared Diamonds, this is one particular term that you will see listed as a “feature” of their diamonds.

A diamond can either be a conflict diamond or a conflict-free diamond. It should be noted that these two terms do not necessarily affect the value or quality of a diamond directly, but rather refers to the moral values that were involved in the process of obtaining the particular diamond. Most people and the majority of brands usually prefers to work with conflict-free diamonds, and we also recommend clients seek out professional brands that do not deal with any type of conflict diamonds.

When you visit the website of a popular brand that deals with diamond jewelry, you are most likely to see the term “conflict-free”. This term refers to the fact that the diamonds sold by the particular brand who wish to buy from has not been mined in any conditions where events such as war were present. War is not the only event that may deem a mined diamond as a “conflict” diamond. When a diamond was mined in a location where slavery was utilized, for example, it can also be classified as a “conflict” diamond.

While it may not seem to have such a significant impact, it is important to consider the moral values behind a conflict-free diamond and to consider supporting brands that chooses only to purchase diamonds from suppliers that deals with conflict-free diamonds.

At Jared Diamonds, all diamonds are classified as conflict-free. The company does not endorse slavery or bloodshed over the mining of a diamond, and they only specialize in high-quality diamonds that were mined under fair circumstances. This is only one of the reasons why Jared Diamonds are often considered one of the top brands to buy diamond jewelry from.


Are Jared Diamonds Conflict Free?
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