How Much Are Verragio Engagement Rings?

The Venetian Collection VERAGGIO

While the quality and visual appearance of an engagement ring vital factors to consider when buying such a piece of jewelry, for many people the price of an engagement ring is often more important than the other qualities, especially when they do not have a lot of money to spend. Still, buying a good looking engagement ring that comes equipped with a precious gemstone, such as a diamond, is important for many people since an engagement ring marks the start of their journey together with their partner. Verragio is a very unique brand of jewelry that offers engagement rings that greatly vary in price; thus offering something for everyone. Here we wish to discuss the pricing of engagement rings from Verragio to help potential customers better understand the costs involved in buying an engagement ring from this designer brand.

Verragio has a large collection of designer engagement rings from which a customer can choose, and the prices of these rings greatly differ based on the ring style, the metal type and the particular types of diamonds fitted in each ring. Fortunately, Verragio’s official online website provides a convenient way for people to search for engagement rings and find the perfect one that does not only suit their requirements, but also their budget.

When visiting the “Engagement Ring Collection” page on Verragio’s website, a potential customer is able to filter through the results in order to help them find the perfect ring for their partner. The engagement rings available from this brand can be filtered by price or by a selection of other options. Here is a basic overview of their filter options:

  • Ring Style – Including Halo, Solitaire, Three-stone and Pave.
  • Metal Color – Including White and White + Rose.
  • Diamond Shapes – Including Round Cut, Princess Cut, Oval Cut and Emerald Cut.

COUTURE COLLECTIONThe engagement rings on their website can also be filtered by the particular collection they belong to. This includes Parisian, Venetian, Couture, Insignia, Classic and Paradiso.

The price filter offers an excellent overview of how much a customer can expect to pay for an engagement ring from Verragio. Their pricing for engagement rings varies from $3,950 up to $6,050.


How Much Are Verragio Engagement Rings?
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