Does Verragio Finance?

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Since diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings and wedding bands, can cost a lot of money, many people are looking for ways in which they can afford an engagement ring without having to spend thousands of dollars during a single order. Financing is often the most appropriate options. With Verragio, financing is available, but not directly from the brand; thus it is important to consider the financing options offered by a particular diamond jewelry retailer where the brand’s jewelry is sold.

Verragio is an exclusive brand that specializes in the design of unique jewelry. The brand, however, does not provide their jewelry directly to the public; thus it is somewhat more difficult to discuss financing for Verragio jewelry than other brands that directly sell to the public. Still, it is possible for a potential customer to take out financing for jewelry designed by Verragio – sometimes even with no interest when the order is paid over a certain period of time.

verragio logoVerragio distributes their jewelry to a hand-select number of authorized retailers, found throughout the world. Their jewelry can be found at many different retailers. Some retailers that stock Verragio jewelry only specializes in selling jewelry at their local retailers, while others also provide a website where customers may place an order. When buying form a website, a customer is often faced with a larger selection to choose from and the ability to buy Verragio jewelry when there are no retailers in their local area that stocks jewelry from this brand. The online shopping features of some retailers also makes Verragio jewelry available to a worldwide audience.

Some of the jewelry retailers that sell Verragio jewelry also offer a financing program that can be utilized to purchase jewelry from the retailer without having to pay for the entire order upfront. In such a case, a customer would usually be required to meet a certain set of criteria, and then to apply for financing prior to the purchase of the jewelry they are interested in.

Each jewelry retailer will have their own set of criteria a customer needs to meet in order to qualify for financing; thus it is important to contact a local retailer or an online retailer directly to find out more about how their financing options work and what the customer needs to apply.


Does Verragio Finance?
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