Does Jared Sell Fake Diamonds?

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When you are planning an engagement and you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, it is important not buy make an impulsive purchase. Instead, you need to look for a company that sells authentic jewelry that contains real diamonds – buying a fake diamond means you are losing a lot of money. Jared, owned by Sterling Jewelers Inc, is a popular company that offers real diamonds that are of high quality.

Jared Diamonds has been providing customers with quite a large variety of offerings to choose from for almost two decades now. The company is now known as a designer brand of diamond jewelry and are used by thousands of customers. Unlike most companies that tends to specialize in engagement rings and wedding jewelry, and then places no particular focus on other products, Jared makes an effort to promote all of their products to their customers in order to ensure they have something that every potential customer would like.

Jared offers a wide variety of engagement rings, as well as wedding rings and wedding bands. In addition to these products, the company also sells fashion rings, designer necklaces and bracelets, diamond earrings, charms, watches and more. Jared does not only offer jewelry for women, but also has an extensive range of jewelry that has been 

designed for men.

When it comes to the authenticity of diamonds, there are a few ways to ensure a company does offer real diamonds.

 The best way is usually to request a copy of the diamond’s grading certificate prior to purchase. A diamond certificate will contain information about the various qualities of the diamond, which will include:

  • The diamond’s cut quality
  • The color grade of the diamond
  • The clarity rating of the diamond
  • The carat weight of the diamond

When buying a diamond product from Jared, a diamond grading certificate will always be provided with the purchase. A customer may also request a copy of the certificate before they buy the diamond to make sure the diamond is real. Once the certificate has been received, the customer can sign in to the website of the laboratory that appraised the diamond and enter the diamond’s reference number to verify the authenticity of the particular diamond in question, should they have any concerns.


Does Jared Sell Fake Diamonds?
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