Can Verragio Rings Be Resized?


As we age, our bodies go through many changes. Weight is one particular aspect that tends to fluctuate through the years. While a person might have a slim physique at the time of their engagement or wedding, they may start to gain weight in their later years. Thus, it is important to consider whether an engagement or wedding ring can be resized – with Verragio, customers can buy with confidence, knowing that their ring will forever be a perfect fit due to the easy of customization that these rings offer.

Weight does not only accumulate in the abdomen, buttocks, legs and arms. A lot of people find that as they gain more weight, some of the weight is also distributed toward their fingers. When this happens, their fingers will grow in size and so will their ring size automatically also increase. Thus, the ring size that a person was at the time of their wedding or engagement is not necessarily the ring size they will be 10 or 20 years later. In fact, some people find that they experience a significant change in ring size, causing the ring they received during their proposal and on their wedding day not to fit anymore.

Can Verragio Rings Be Resized?This can be unfortunate, as forcing to ring on a finger when the ring size has increased can cause a restriction of blood flow and lead to other consequences. Thus, buying an engagement and wedding ring from a brand that is known to create jewelry that can be modified later on. Verragio’s rings can be customized and resized as desired; thus offering better value for the customer since they would not have to buy another ring should their ring size change, but can simply take their Verragio ring to an authorized jewelry to have it resized so that it fits their new ring size.

Note that gaining weight is not the only problem people are faced with. Some people also find that losing weight can cause a significant amount of problems as well. In such a case, the ring would fit too loose when worn; thus it would be much easier to lose the ring.


Can Verragio Rings Be Resized?
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